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PostSubject: Memberlist   Sun Sep 07, 2008 10:49 am



Primarch (Leaders)

[Black_Legion]Zeus / [Black_Legion]Defiler / [Black_Legion]Mythic

Demon Princes (Co-Leaders)

[Black_Legion]Loken / [Black_Legion]Tarvitz / [Black_Legion]Lucius / [Black_Legion]Alpharius
[Black_Legion]VirtuaL / [Black_Legion]-V-[MG]

Chaos Lords

[Black_Legion]Madderz / [Black_Legion]Zmeu
[Black_Legion]Ryuu / [Black_Legion]Hades / [Black_Legion]Antipathy

Aspiring Champions

[Black_Legion]GT / [Black_Legion]Itan

Khorne Berzerkers

[Black_Legion]~Seth / [Black_Legion]>Dr0ne

Chaos Marines

[Black_Legion]Varyag / [Black_Legion]Gay_Rave

Heretics (Trial/Recruits)

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