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 We Are Recruiting

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PostSubject: We Are Recruiting   Sat Sep 13, 2008 5:31 pm

Slaves to Darkness
Followers of the Blood Gods
Cleansers of Order
We are the Black Legion

Who are you and what do you do?

As stated above, we are the Black Legion. Our purpose is to destroy all enemies of Chaos, to slaughter the innocents, to butcher the enforcers of Order and all that is good.
We were once the Luna Wolves, loyal servants of the Human Emperor, but we have now realized our mistakes.
We willingly spread the Chaos throughout the universe, in the name of our new gods.

Khorne - God of Hate, Rage, Blood, War and Killing
Tzeentch - God of Change, Lies, Hope, Ambition, Manipulation, Scheming and Sorcery
Nurgle - God of Decay, Despair, Stagnation, Destruction, and Disease
Slaanesh - God of Decadence, Excess, Pain, Pleasure and Self Indulgence

We oppose those who believe in Order, Law, and Peace. We will annihilate all who support Order, Law, and Peace. All who accept Order, Law and Peace. All who believe in Order, Law and Peace. Nobody is safe...unless they are a follower of Chaos themselves. If you become a follower of Chaos, the rewards are endless. Enemies to satisfy your thirst for blood; innocents to murder for entertainment; and to be showered with rewards from the Blood Gods, having the chance to reach what all of us do. To reach Daemonhood and become a Chaos Lord.

Why do you do this?

Two reasons:

The only way is through Chaos. We have been enlightened, and seen what a place ruled by Order the universe would become. The Universe itself would collapse from the monotony of life; of the lack of freedom; of the lack of choice. We want to FREE the universe. We have been enlightened. The only way is through Chaos. Chaos is supreme. Chaos is what all life should strive for, as it is the only way.

We must have our revenge on the Imperium of Man. Their fake Emperor, the Emperor they foolishly believe to be the immortal and rightful owner of the Universe, is betraying his own people. He manipulates them for his own selfish reasons. They are brainwashed, dominated by a tyrant who only values them when they are of use. He even had control over us at one point, when we were the Luna Wolves. But our leader at the time, Horus, was enlightened. In a battle of the Ullanor Crusade, Horus was wounded on the Chaos-corrupted moon of the world of Davin by Eugan Temba, a former Imperial Army Commander left behind to govern Davin. Temba had been enlightened by the Chaos God Nurgle. Temba used an Anathame, an alien sword that had been infused with Chaos energies, to critically wound Horus. The Anathame had been stolen from the Hall of Devices on the Interex world of Xenobia by Erebus, First Chaplain of the Word Bearers - a legion devoted to the worship of Chaos. Horus was taken by Erebus and high-ranking Sons of Horus to be healed on Davin, for no apothecary could treat Horus's Chaos-infested wound.

In a warp-controlled hallucination, Erebus disguised himself as a comrade of Horus, and enlightened him to the cause of Chaos. Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons, joined the warp-dream and unmasked Erebus through sorcery. Instead of being grateful to his fellow Primarch, Horus was disappointed at Magnus's continued use of arcane arts. Horus emerged from the warp-dream in the lodge healed, but changed. Now he wanted revenge against the false Emperor. He unveiled his plan to overthrow him to his loyal commanders...
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We Are Recruiting
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